Software Development

   A division of Pier 34 Solutions, Inc.
analyzes, designs and programs database applications and web-based e-commerce
   applications for large industrial and financial corporations, non-profit entities and retail organizations. We specialize in
Access/SQL Server software solutions
, as well as Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression web development, using Flash
   technology when that is appropriate. We have developed systems for many corporations. An ongoing database application
   that we have developed and are maintaining is for a national stock exchange.

   When we are engaged by a new organization, we partner to develop the definition of the requirements, and we either find an
   existing package that fulfills the needs of the corporation, or we program and implement a custom-made solution. We support
   our applications throughout the live cycle of acceptance testing, implementation, client support, client training, enhancement
   and ongoing maintenance.

   We are experts in systems development for the financial sector, but we also work with general business and non-profit
   organizations. A sampling of our experience includes systems developed for
NYSE Group, GE Capital, American Express
   Travel Related Services, San Francisco Design Center, Xerox Corporation, NYNEX, Bantam Books,
Center for Volunteer and
   Nonprofit Leadership