Security Training & Procedures

   Pier 34 Solutions, Inc. can assist you with security training, procedures development, and employee awareness training of
   terrorist activities. Subjects that might be included:

  • Warehouse security awareness
  • Container inspection
  • Receiving goods at the warehouse
  • Container storage
  • Building security
  • Physical access: Employees, Visitors, Deliveries
  • U.S. Postal Service guidelines on mail handling
  • Challenging and removing unauthorized persons
  • Computer security and access restrictions
  • Manifest and document tampering
  • Suspicion of terrorist activities, and what to do
  • Terrorists' methods of operation
  • Reporting chain of command and emergency reporting
  • Recognizing and reporting internal conspiracies
  • Business Partner and Service Provider Requirements
  • Customer and supplier screening procedures
  • Personnel security
    • Employment eligibility
    • Employment history
    • References
    • Background checks
    • Termination
    • Code of conduct
    • ID (badge) system
    • Restricted access
    • Personal items
    • Unusual behavior

   This course and its corresponding procedures can be tailor-made to your specific requirements and taught on-site, or
   packaged to be taught by your in-house trainers.

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